Weddings by Miss Perky Karen


Every bride and groom’s legitimate fear is people leaving their reception early out of boredom or disinterest. Or worse, not being able to rely on someone to execute their dream wedding celebration. These responsibilities lie in the hands of an outstanding wedding host and here are just some of the reasons why Karen is the perfect person to frontline your reception.


  1. She is someone who seems like she is part of the family and displays professionalism and confidence in handling a big audience.
  2.  She is known to have a wicked sense of humor yet also knows the appropriate time to be whatever is perfect for the moment. When needed, Karen can be formal, theatrical, charming – you name it!
  3. Karen knows the perfect balance between working a script and coming fully equipped with witty repartees and joyous anecdotes that is sure to bring delight and much joy to any room.
  4. Most importantly, she is someone who never hogs the spotlight and is an expert at letting the real stars of the wedding shine.